Envelope Stuffing

Envelope stuffing in my opinion is definitely a scam! Please do not get involved in this one as I did. Well, OK it was 20 years ago and I was young and looking for an easy way to make money at home.

The concept is pretty simple and works like this: you answer an ad that was placed in a newspaper, magazine, or direct mailed to you. This ad will tell you that you can make money for every envelope you stuff. You send in a small fee to get your "distributor kit" which shows you what to do to make money envelope stuffing. They send you a flyer telling you to put in similar ads like you responded to, make copies of this flyer and then do the exact same thing!

At the end of the day, there is no product, no service, just this repetitive mailing of the same info if you try to do this. I didn't try it once I saw the lack of a real product, and that in itself suggested scam to me. Save your time and money and see what I do to make an honest internet living.

We do Not suggest spending any time at envelope stuffing.

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