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Elite Activity

Elite Activity

Elite Activity is not anything more than a gifting program. Please see my review on gifting and gifting programs in the Business Opportunity section of this website.

Gifting programs as like Elite Activity have burned many people through the years,some of whom I know. We are not aware of any gifting programs that are legit or profitable for all members. Elite Activity would tend to follow this same theme.

If you contact the F.T.C. you will learn that gifting programs are not legal. There also are various legal situations woth gifting programs and their administrators; the F.T.C. advises the gifting folks tend to not win these legal encounters.

It is best to stay away from gifting programs and thinsg like Elite Activity. It is easy to get lured into these as their claims are often very believing. However keep in mind they are just preying on that sensitive part of your psyche that wants to win, and make easy money.In many cases, they even write to you telling you how important you are and that you are specially selected to be part of their exclusive membership.

Elite Activy is not recommended at this time, Any gifting scheme falls under the get-rich-quick category and those tend to all be losers for you in the long run.

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