Electronic Currency Exchanging

Electronic Currency Exchanging popped up about a little over a year ago and seemed to be a fantastic home business opportunity. No customers, no selling, no product.....you get the picture. This method of making money also is referred to as e-currency exchanging, or just plain currency exchaning.

The way you make money in e-currency exchanging or electronic currency exchanging, is you invest your e-currency (E-Gold.com, E-Bullion.com, etc.) which are shares of these different exchange companies worldwide and in the USA. You are providing the actual cash to support a trade which the company you are dealing with is handling. They are able to borrow funds on the money you offered, and then you share in the profits.

There is a lot of new and possibly strange terms to learn in this business such as "in-exchange", "out-exchange" and "digots" to name a few.

We purchased a program on electronic currency exchanging but never made any money at it. Not because we tried and failed , but because the learning curve for us was something that we did not take the time to properly learn. Since then this particular opportunity has fizzled and the supplier we purchased from is no longer promoting it.

There are folks out there that are still promoting e-currency trading  as a money maker. E-currency exchanging is debateable at our last check if it indeed a good business opportunity to pursue. The folks selling information on it are likely doing well as the business op is appealing: no customers, no meetings, no MLM, no inventory...just you, your computer and making money.

Electronic currency exchanging or e-currrency exchange programs have since gone away online- there are other programs that are more long term assured:

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