Ed Shull

Ed Shull is a veteran of internet marketing and has been involved for some eight years. Ed is the CEO of USWeb,which offers internet consultation. You can also find writings about Ed Shull in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and even newsweek.

The consulting work offered by Ed Shull at his website USWeb, includes services that are set up to increase customer loyalty, increase profit and revenue and improve market share. All this through various the use of Ed's varius strategies and systems.

The information currently available on Ed Shull and USWeb is positive and ethical. Some discussion of Mr. Shull and USWeb on other "reviews" on the internet include examples of where his business practices were extremely ethical. i.e. Making money was not more important than promoting a business with ethics and morals. We find this refreshing and will keep an eye on Ed Shull and USWeb and will report more in the near future.

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