Well, given the fact that I promoted an e-book on this site, I should probably offer my view on selling e-books. Please let me know how you feel about buying an informational or free e-book online!

First, e-books can be very profitable in the sense that you can purchase them and immediately download it and read the information that you are so eager to know. On the other hand, I have had some customers who had trouble downloading the e-book, some who want a hard copy because they have no way to print the e-book or they don't want to use a credit card. The latter group is very small but with customer service being most important, I felt the need to mention it.

E-books range in price from less than $10 up to and exceeding $200. It would seem that for $200 you should expect a hard copy? Consider the profit when selling an e-book at the upper end of cost range! The key however is having the sales to ensure the profits. Read on.

For an e-book to be successful, it needs to fulfill a specific need, usually of information someone is looking for. To me that needs to be very specific information; i.e. niche information that a certaion niche market is looking for. If your e-book answers your customers specific needs/questions, then you have a winner in terms of e-book sales.

There are good and bad points of e-book sales. I am sure they will be around for a while as the technology is beyond paper books and why not offer an immediate downloadable product? A consideration in selling an e-book is whether it is your primary product or if it is "used" as a front end product which then may lead to further "back end" sales.

The e-book on my site in my opinion tells nearly all one needs to know about the niche information you may be looking for. I also show that I have a "back end" product. So, in that sense, there is nothing really secret in the marketing approach taken. It is all about how much knowledge you may feel you need; if the e-book covers it, cool. If it doesn't, you may need more information.

Marketing on the internet requires methods that one really needs as much information as you can get when starting out. In that sense, a solid course that covers even the littelest details of internet marketing would be my suggestion.

Conclusion: E-books are here to stay; there are new ideas coming along which I'll leave for a future review. Promoting an e-book that answers a customers specific needs or questions well, would surely be a winner. I can assist you if you have expertise and wish to sell that knowledge on your own website.This could be e-book for children or e-book for college or whatever your niche is!

E-books are a key part of any online business.

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