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DS Domination Reviews|DSD|Drop Ship Domination Reviews

 DS Domination was launched September 1st 2013. It has been growing rapidly The creator of DS Domination is Roger Langille. He has made a ton of money doing the same thing so now he offers a home based business where anyone can supposedly do the same.

I am a member of DSD and I can tell you the good and the bad.

The big claim to fame is that many that never made a penny online in other programs where you need to learn marketing are now making money. This may be true BUT there is a catch.

Let's review the program basics then I will tell you what new members are running into.

DS Domination is an internet marketing product about how to make money with Amazon and Ebay by drop shipping.

There are TWO WAYS to make money online with DSDomination.

1) PRODUCT*- You can make money using the product (which is training + software) about drop shipping products from wholesale sources and selling it on eBay. The GREAT thing about this product is that it WORKS for ANYONE who simply follows the steps. You don't have to worry about traffic because EBAY has TONS of traffic generates every single day.

2) AFFILIATE PROGRAM*- You can promote DS Domination once you become an affiliate. You MUST purchase the PRODUCT + AFFILIATE FEE to become an affiliate. The UNIQUE thing about this affiliate program is that you get paid on DIFFERENT TIER LEVELS meaning you can make 50% commissions from peopel you refer and EVEN MORE commissions from people THEY refer to themselves. So this is affiliate marketing 2.0 because you can make commissions 10 TIERS levels deep!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this product CONVERTS when you promote it because EVERYONE knows about Amazon and Ebay.

This is an EASIER to sell product than most internet marketing & business opportunity products out there in the marketplace because it's EASILY UNDERSTOOD by the marketplace.

You simply explain that people can make money with Amazon and Ebay. That's it.

OK,now the possible downside:

Many have had their accounts frozen by Amazon for using their info on Ebay- read the Amazon rules.

You do need to work to become an expert Ebay reseller. It takes time to build up your NAME to your customers so Ebay sees and lists you as a top level reseller.

You may lose money. Some have the Amazon price go up after you place your ad, and you could sell it at a loss. Usually to earn big money you need to have many items placed at once so you need to watch whats going on ...what if many of your items went up in price.

This is easy as COPY and PASTE but you can see that you do need to manage your business.

What is attracting many marketers is this is a relatively simple program and more can grasp Ebay that online marketing, but as you can see it is not as simple to earn full time income as copy/paste, you do need to learn the business which is where most fail in any online program.

The link below is the closest we found to Copy/Paste income, we like it better than DS Domination. -- To Your Ultimate Success! Stan Tomaszewski

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