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DropShip or whole sale dropshipping opportunities are offered all over the internet. Most claim you will make easy money by locating a product, and dropshipping them to your customers. Read on for the truth about dropshipping.

The plus side of being a drop shipper is you do not need to have inventory or trying to fill bulk orders. The internet and business opportunity magazines provide many resources who are said to be drop shippers. These firms are often more the middle men in this drop ship set up.

Typically if an order is placed from your website, the order is filled by the drop shipper who often then contacts another company to actually fill the order. This results in extra cost to your product- the more people between you and your customer, the more you pay in "costs".

Many issues you may also deal with when using a drop ship company is delivery time, tracking of orders, returns, refunds, erroneous items shipped, customer complaints (yes all businesses have complaints), inventory cotrol, and many more than may be out of your immediate control.

Many wholesale companies like SMC, Doba, or even ebay "get rich" programs, use drop shipping as their method of filling orders.

An area to consider is competition. Would you rather buy from someone that specializes in the item or from someone that sells everything? The former is often the case. So, how do you locate your customers and drive these targeted prospects to your website?

You can drop ship just about anything: lingerie, electronics, wholesale items, and more.

Well, we can offer you exactly the answer to that question. Let me offer a hint or secret if you will. You probably found this site for a very specific reason. Think about how you stumbled on this site and this review. You very likely are a business opportunity seeker or someone looking for information on "dropshipping". You are a targeted prospect that with some good planning we were able to "pursuade" you to locate our site out of maybe thousands or even millions of competing sites. Do you think we may be able to help you do the same?

The good news is you can be a success on the internet. DropShipping is one way to get started and we can show you how to drive your customers (traffic) to you. All you need are the right tools and coaching. Dropshipping may be the product(s) for you or you can click the following link.

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