Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a well known off line marketer who moved into on line marketing about 8 years ago. He has written over a dozen books on marketing.His latest book is entitled "Web Wealth". He also has begin doing seminars.

He runs many websites on the net, but one of his biggest hits is one called World Profit. This site offers domain hosting, web site design and many other services.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant also sells a complete web package. His packages are priced in the $999- $1999 range.

That orice tag might be pretty steep for anyone looking to get started in this business and to that end, I'd suggest you do your own good research before you sign up to make sure you will receive what you believe you are purchasing. What I mean is many marketers offer some program at some cost. Be sure you understand the specifics of what you will or will not get for that price.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has some good written material, and is probably a better speaker; we would recommend him but also mention his prices might be a bit steep for the masses.

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