The System is marketed by Jason Ryan Isaksen, aka Jason Ryan.

I know a lot about this system because it is the one that I started my work at home, online business with.

One thing you may notice is that there aren't a lot of people promoting this system other than the two mentioned. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you why.

Here's what my personal experience was with Doublepayment:

In short I can say that everything Jason Ryan Isaksen teaches in the Double Payment Marketing System is perfectly accurate for generating targeted "niche" traffic, and then converting that traffic into paying customers.

The System basically starts with the selling of a low cost ebook that offers quite honestly the key ingredients to online marketing success. Problem is most of us after reading it, are still looking for the "secrets" to all this online success stuff we keep hearing about.

The System then offers a "back end" high ticket product that is the marketing course that will show you the way to set up your own online business. If you don't have a product or website, Jason Ryan allows you to copy his and promote his product as an affiliate. You keep 50% of the back end profits. You keep 100% of the front end sales.

You can pay to get the rights to his system so you get 100% of sales. That cost is pretty steep especially if you are new, still skeptical that the system will work.

The system is designed to put you into profit, where the ebook sales cover some of your advertising costs, and your follow up sales put you into nice profits.

I bought my course, called the Deluxe Course (there is a Basic Course that is less costly) about four years ago and started out promoting Jason Ryan Isaksens system.

The problem with this system for me was, it was pretty involved to get your website built, and then attempt to turn a profit. I did see a percentage of sales happen without me doing much of anything, but there were many people calling looking to understand what the system was.

I knew most would not put the time or effort into this as I did, so I started to search for something more automated. Most busy working people are looking for simplicity and automated online businesses.

After some research and testing of various programs I found a very automated program with a product that offers value to the end user. You would be proud to promote this business.

Interestingly this new program uses similar front end and back end marketing techniques as Jason Ryan Isaksen has in his program. Some things that work well always will work well, so stick to the basics as they say...or better yet, KISS. Call me if you don't know what that means :).

The Marketing System is what I use as my primary traffic source and it works flawlessly today as it did 4 years ago, and will probably continue to work like this for some time.

I offer these techniques to my customers along with other methods I have proven to work, and generate targeted traffic to any business.

The Double Payment System is recommended but be prepared to do a fair amount of work, and then attempt to start up your system and get it into profit as you may need some help.

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE brought easy to DUPLICATE results. Click here to go to the website.