Don Lapre (May 19, 1964 – October 2, 2011)

Update: I was stunned to see the news of Don Lapre's passing. You can see more about Mr.Lapre at these websites: and

As you can see at those sites, Don was a family man with a drive and heart to help others. It more than saddens me to see his life cut short for reasons we may never truly know since he is gone, but also for those that pursued him for supposed "wrong doings". Those of us in this business know that most programs will work but it's the people that fail due to not working hard enough to see their dreams come true. Why do some succeed and others don't? It isn't the programs or the promoters fault.

Don Lapre gave many people the hope and desire to find a way to improve their families lifestyles and that alone is more than many do in this life.

I wish I could have met Don. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Review after update: Don Lapre might be one of my favorite's as far as his infomercials promoting all sorts of latest and greatest products. I used to see his often late night commercials and back then, when I was still searching for the right product or opportunity myself, I wondered if his info would actually work.

On the other hand, infomercials aren't cheap, so I also thought he must be making a decent buck doing what he was doing.

One thing for sure is Don Lapre has been around for many years with one sure fire thing after another.

Don Lapre's most latest promotion is his "greatest vitamin in the world". I first ran across Don Lapre when he was promoting 900 numbers and small classified ad's. The question I asked my self was, why does he need to promote so many different best opportunities in the world? I believe the answer to that is fairly obvious is he makes good money promoting each opportunity and he is driven to keep growing and succeeding.I also understand he was big on promoting health so he selected that business niche to help others.

There are so many opportunities out there that unless you are at the ground floor , or are the originator of the program, you may not see much in long term profits and fast stable income. Don offered ways to see results no matter where or when you started.

Don Lapre's enthusiasm alone was priceless and that alone propelled many of us to try things, and work hard to find our success.

He sure can pitch a sale! Don Lapre is one of my favorites and will be very much missed.

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