Dolf De Roos

Well, I like this guy. You'll see why in a second. Dolf De Roos, has a Phd. in engineering (ok, there's why), but had a keen interest in real estate. Just a little levity on the engineering background. It does show you that even we engineering folk can find other niches and make a successful transition to another field.

Dolf De Roos got his real estate start after studying the rich, and realizing quickly that a common denominator for their riches was real estate. They made money in real estate by various ways, but the bottom line was Dolf De Roos found this to be his way to achieve success. As an aside, I too studied the potential ways I could make money other than in my engineering profession. I determined the internet was the way to go. All I needed was a system to show me how to market on the internet-more on that later.

Interestingly Dolf De Roos never actually worked in his profession, but made his first investment , making some $35,000. That was all he needed to realize the potential in real estate.At last check Dolf De Roos has real estate holdings which are global.

Some of Dolf's books include: "The 4-Step Real estate System," "The Property Investor's School", and "Real Estate Riches: How To become Rich Using Your Bankers Money." Real estate for Dolf is his wealth magnet, and it could be yours too.

Dolf De Roos offers seminars around the globe in places like the USA, Australia, Asia and New zealand. He is said to explain things in simple terms where it is easily understood and absorbed. I'd say his engineering training helped in that area as breaking complex ideas down to more understandable parts is often what engineering professionals do.

His reviews are very much on the positive side and we give Dolf De Roos real estate riches a thumbs up and his work is not at all a scam.

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