Direct Marketing

When I think direct marketing, I usually am referring to mail order. The internet also offers a direct marketing capability.

The key to direct marketing is in the knowledge that your mailing program will provide a return that will result in profit. I once tried a direct marketing system that had a great sales letter (OK, I got lured in), with "guaranteed" returns that would double your investment. I did not even get 50% of my money back. Plus, the companies claim to do a remailing for me at their cost, to try to at least break even, never happened.

If you are looking to get into direct marketing, I'd suggest you locate someone that is already successful and learn from them. You can also look into the Direct Marketing Association for companies, strategies and ideas. Testing your own ads, can quickly add up. An internet business might be a better way to get your feet wet in marketing rather than direct marketing by mail.

Keep in mind that the direct marketing field is huge, probably multi-billion dollar business which means there is plenty business out there for tens of thousands of direct marketers just like you and I, where we can make a nice income-with the right program :) .

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