Desktop Snooper

Desktop Snooper is surveillance software that monitors internet activity on any computer, which also offers a work at home business opportunity. The primary function of this software is to allow you to record the activity of other people on your computer.

There are two aspects of Desktop Snooper to explain, one being the product itself that you can download a trial to see how simple and effective it actually is before you purchase it. The second is a business opportunity where you obtain the rights to sell Desktop Snooper and you keep 100% of the profits!

First, let me give you a sample of what Desktop Snooper can do for you:

1. Monitor what your children are doing on the computer. It will record every keystroke, e-mail sent, who they are IM'ing as well as capture screen shots periodically showing the sites they are frequenting. More importantly it can reassure you that they aren't talking to strangers, possibly in chat rooms on the internet or visiting websites that can be dangerous to them.It is a well known fact that teenagers especially, reveal more secrests about themselves to their friends in e-mail than in person or to their parents.

2. Keep an eye on spouses to make sure they aren't cheating in chat rooms, e-mailing others, or in singles chat rooms.

3. Desktop Snooper runs in stealth mode, meaning it is essentially hidden on the PC.Only you know how to locate the keystrokes and screen shots saved with a password only you know and set up.

4. Another feature is if you forget a password or screen name, Desktop Snooper will save those keystrokes for you so you can easily retrieve that information.

5. If you ever lose power in the middle of writing a huge Word document or Excel spreadsheet, Desktop Snooper will save the keystrokes for you! It ensures you have a back up to your work.

6. Desktop Snooper works with Yahoo, AOL, and many others.

Here's a startling fact for you. Nearly 70% of people on the internet look at pornographic sites on the internet on a regular basis. Roughly 50% of wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends, use their computers to cheat or commit adultry.

You might think that "spying" on others in this way may not be proper. Let me say that "what I don't know , won't hurt me", isn't always the best course to take. It is much better for your personal health to know what others may be up to, rather than you be the unsuspecting, trusting, last one to know. Trust me on that score!

The best part about Desktop Snooper is the business opportunity. When you purchase the software, you are given the complete rights to resell the software. You get a website for free, that has everything for you to make sales and have 100% of the sale be sent to your bank account as pure profit. Desktop Snooper sells for $49.95. Just two copies a day is almost an extra $100.00. There are many who sell a dozen copies a day which suddenly puts you in the $500 a day money making category.

The best way to get more acquainted with Desktop Snooper is to download a free trial and see for yourself. If you have any questions on getting started selling Desktop Snooper, please give me a call or e-mail.

For more details on Desktop Snooper, please Click Here.I have used this software personally and it has helped in many ways, especially having that secure feeling that you know what your kids are getting into! Wouldn't you rather know the truth, than to find out later and think if you had only known.

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