Departure Central

A travel company that allows you to book air,car,cruises and hotels online is Departure Central Inc. Departure Central has access to some 700+ airline carriers, over 40 car rental companies, a dozen or so cruise lines and 50,000+ hotels, resorts and condos across the globe.

Departure Central Inc (DCI) also offers a business opportunity. You can become a travel agent at the DCI basic member level. You as a member has your own booking "engine" where you can book travel plans and earn commissions on plans that pay a commission.

The basic member level has no fee requirement which is great. Through the online booking engine you have the ability to leverage not only the basic travel but also many other travel related products, and services. Customers that visit your site, book their travels and you receive commissions from DCI (Departure Central).

The Premier level is above the basic member level, and here you earn commissions from their direct selling program.

Departure Central, from our review seems to be a pretty good deal. If you like travel and like to help others on their voyages, Departure central may be right for you.

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