Dennis Waitley

Dennis Waitley is more on the motivational aspects of marketing as opposed to specific step by step, nuts and bolt type internet training.

His products include: The Psychology Of Winning, Being The Best,The Joy of Working, The Winner's Edge, Empires of The Mind and Seeds of Greatness. He also has a top selling book in the Chinese language.

In addition to the above Dennis Waitley has sold over 10 million audio programs in various languages. Dennis Waitley has worked with Fortune 500 company businesses as well as small businesses.

One of his success stories is the Michael Dell story. Dell being from the Dell computer company. Not too shabby!

We are very impressed by Dennis Waitley's internet presence; if you search on google for "dennis waitley" you will see easily 9 or more pages filled with Mr. Waitley's info. Now that is how you BRAND yourself online- take a lesson from this!

Dennis Waitley is now a very sought after speaker and assists companies worldwide.

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