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This program, deeds4dollars has a website at which has the following claim: "How to Buy Real Estate For Pennies On The Dollar at Tax Deed Sales". Benjamin Bergin is the creator of deeds4dollars and offers this course information on this website.

The question is whether this approach to making money in real estate actually works and also if deeds4dollars offers you the tools to make you money in the real estate arena.

Included in the deeds4dollars sales letter is a listing of what you will get with this program, and includes: Four action packed DVD's of the entire Deeds 4 Dollars system, along with a Tax Auction Sales Directory, which will show you where to locate tax sales properties across the USA and Canada. The list includes over 3,000 counties and provinces!

The current website promotion we reviewed offers all this for a selling price of $9.95. They call this a $9.95 trial offer with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like what the product offers. claims to be offering this at such a low price because they helped their clients pull in over $42 Million dollars last year, and this year they have a goal of $100 Million. It's a simple marketing concept that if they help you make money, you will get the word out, and deeds4dollars credibility soars.

As we have said on this site several times, real estate is a definite money maker. Buying property that is on tax deed lists at rock bottom prices is also very doable.

We know of several people that watch our local tax lein properties. They can be bought and resold at very good profits, although in our area, many of these tend to be quite run down, so you do need to know how to not buy a disaster. has a good concept, the question is whether their material will take you by the hand in such a way so you can work this method and make profits.

Our experience in real esate is similar to most any other business opportunity. If you never did it yourself, get a good mentor to walk you through the steps so you don't blunder on even the simplest items.

Deeds for dollars may help you in real estate investing. We are sure you can find success in this deeds for dollars program, or another.

If realesate, doesn't quite grab you, then you might want to do what we do.

This is a program that truly works, and if you are willing to put the time into it, your online business will continually grow.

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