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Dave Lindahl

Dave Lindahl is a real estate "guru" who is marketing his methods of becoming rich in the Real Estate Business.

Many of the real estate "get rich" type of programs usually make their money selling their information. Dave Lindahl apparently focuses on making money with apartment buildings or commercial real estate. His "Apartment House Riches" is an example.

As you may have read, we come from a long family line of real estate holders and dealing with income property and rentals.

The approach David Lindahl has taken with apartment buildings is interesting. If you are new to real estate, you may want to think about whether your first "building" is best being a multi-unit type of apartment unit. If you find that you don't like dealing with "people" then a multi unit apartment building can be a huge head ache.

On the other hand, having multiple units can generate nice positive cash flow and you have the nice aspect that if one unit is vacant, the others tend to cover your costs. A single family house does not have this "luxury".

Most real estate investors have made large sums of money as Dave Lindahl and his program offers, but we doubt they did it over night like some of these real estate programs want you to believe.

We think Dave Lindahl and his information are good and you can learn some good tactics.

Some other real estate sites that may help you include,, and

There is no doubt real estate investing can make you money. A good way to get a realistic idea of what this business is all about is to ask someone you know who has income property. Ask them what they deal with, and how they grew their list of properties.

Dave Lindahl offers some great info, so you may want to join his "boot camp" and get down to real estate business or look at our online approach.

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