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Dave Espino

Dave Espino

Dave Espino sells a program called Auctions For Income. This system shows you how to make money on e-bay.

I am not too keen on selling on e-bay for several reasons: e-bay has become a huge flee market if you will. Unless you have a very specific product (high demand) that you can buy low cost and sell at a high return, you may not see very good results as far as creating a ful time income. Dave Espino offers you information on where to find products to sell, companies that will drop ship for you, as well as how to get these on e bay to sell. Again, to really see success in any business venture, the information you use to get going better be right on, specific, proven, and duplicatable. I am not sure this information meets those criteria.

E-bay is most definitely a place to sell things. I have friends who sell very specific items ( example: rebuilt old fashion microphones) and make a nice part time income. This "niche" type of item is key to e-bay or most selling success. If you are considering the Dave Espino program, make sure it has some of the key elements that I mentioned briefly here, Dave Espino and Auctions for income may work for you.

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