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David Dubbs|EDC Gold| Now LWS Freedom

Just who is David Dubbs and what's all the fuss about LWS Freedom? I had been doing online marketing for about a year, and I can't recall another name that seemed to come from nowhere, and take the internet marketing arena by storm like Mr. David Dubbs.

David Dubbs was claimed to be a Top Earner with a business opportunity program that also swept across the internet like wildfire. That program was called EDC Diamond with Gold and Silver options available!

What is so special about EDC or David Dubbs? Well David was a top earner that was claimed to be earning at this writing some $120,000 + a month with EDC Gold.

One of the things that attracted me to EDC and what David Dubbs teaches, was the strong emphasis on teamwork. You aren't buying a program that you have to stare at your computer wondering what do I do next to get traffic and make some sales.  The product is exceptionally priced for the masses and David Dubbs offers his methods to all that become part of the EDC team.

Not sure what Dave is doing these days as we see his email marketing to be hitting on something new every few weeks or so. That happens in this business. Thats why we are with a 12+ year old residual building program...we and it will be around for a long time and so will our consistently growing income :)

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Now that's what online sales is supposed to be all about!

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