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Darren Gaudry

Darren Gaudry is the CEO and founder of Passport To Wealth. PPTW is no longer active online but this was our review: He also is a superb marketer and with Passport to Wealth has created a system that truly is "fully automated", as many online programs claim to be, but often aren't.

Passport is no longer in business BUT this is how it worked and many programs have copied the way this program was sold...and it works well.

We see many other programs that require you to get your prospects to "webinars" and "sales closing" calls. They also have you telling your prospects to call "the owners" of certain programs to "close the sale".

Darren Gaudry and Passport To Wealth have created an automated system that does NOT require any of this.

Do you really have time to do all that WORK????

You are probably wondering why I know all this about Passport To Wealth and Darren Gaudry. I know this because we promote Passport To Wealth as our #1 rated program!!

Darren Gaudry offers Passport To Wealth where you can earn $997 per sale. The products are software and downloadable based. The key to success however is in the marketing methods and support offered.

Our review suggests that Passport To Wealth has created possibly one of the best of its kind programs. There seem to be many new "copy cat" programs where the price point of $997 is similar as well as the products. However Passport To Wealth we feel stands out from the others.

PTW has something that is unique and we have found works well for their distributors. You can, for a portion of your sales , have someone that follows up on your prospects and close sales. Now that we see as "fully automated". Wouldn't you like to handle the promoting of your website, and not have to ever talk to anyone, but just collect the profits? Passport To Wealth has this in place and many people such as yourself are finding it to work, and they are making money.

What we found amazing with the Passport To Wealth system is we see roughly 1-2 sales for every 100 prospects. We also found that we don't need to send these people to webinars, sales closing phone calls, or to talk to the owners of Passport To Wealth....I alone can "close the sale" and I am far from a sale person.

Why does this work so well?

It's all in the marketing.....the system we use does our work for us. PP2W is stellar and Darren Gaudry is a genius in marketing.

We recommend Passport to Wealth and we applaud Mr. Darren Gaudry for creating a solid online opportunity that at this writing appears to only be in its infancy. Passport To Wealth and Darren Gaudry get a thumbs up!

Come join our team.

Passport To Wealth and Darren Gaudry make for a fun program to promote. Did I say I love this business?

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