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Darren Gaudrey

Darren Gaudrey

Darren Gaudry is the CEO and founder of Passport To Wealth. He also is a superb marketer and with Passport to Wealth has created a system that truly is "fully automated", as many online programs claim to be, but often aren't.

PPTW is no longer active online but this was our review:

We see many other programs that require you to get your prospects to "webinars" and "sales closing" calls. They also have you telling your prospects to call "the owners" of certain programs to "close the sale".

Darren Gaudry and Passport To Wealth have created an automated system that does NOT require any of this.

Do you really have time to do all that WORK????

You are probably wondering why I know all this about Passport To Wealth and Darren Gaudry. I know this because I promoted Passport To Wealth as our #1 rated program a while ago.

Unfortunately, we saw our sales drop off....we feel another program that was a fad for the day. Also as usual there were many people that never saw the success they expected.

Our only tip on that is LEARN at least one way to drive targeted traffic to any online business.

Let's be realistic...programs are designed to work....make money...convert correct traffic to sales, right?

Then what might be the thing that new people just aren't doing right? traffic=no sales. Ya gotta dig in. If you expect immediate results, and you have no traffic building skills, you are going to be in for a let down.

Give me a call and I'll be happy to explain it all.

Passport 2.0 is suposedly on the horizon, but we have been watching for about a year at this writing, and still no Passport 2.0

Passport To Wealth and Darren Gaudry did make for a fun program to promote.

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