Dan Lok

Dan Lok, is an internet marketer who is offering his knowledge of the internet and wants to share this with you through hsi company Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd. This he is offering for free including a hard copy of his newsletter, Dan's Rant which normally sells for $29. Dan Lok claims to have sold over $25MM in products and services over the internet.

In recent times Dan Lok has teamed up with Ewin Chia and now offers a copywrighting program, Underground Sales Letters TM that is supposed to guarantee you can write effective sales letters.

Dan Lok offers to clue you into the many so called secrets of internet effective marketing and copywrighting.

We do recommend Dan Lok at this time. His websites may have a bit more hype, but that also tends to be what sells on the net vs. a dull non-hyped sales letter. So take a look at Dan Lok and Ewin Chia.

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