Dale Douglas

Dale Douglas has a company called Divine Impact Corporation. He has claims that he can provide anyone the power to earn $2000-$3000 a week. His program cost is $95.

This all would seem OK so far but what about his program information? Does it work?

The Personal Income Cash Machine and Weekly Cash Income Program are 2 opportunities that Dale Douglas also offers.

His programs promise you will be successful on the internet.

There is some information that says his products were very good, and had good content. Dale Douglas makes statements that he, through his program wants to give back all that he has been given in terms of success. That is always a great MO in life to portray and will surely attract positive to your life and business.

I believe the information he presents is good, but some have felt it falls short on serious how-to's of internet marketing. This often can happen with new people as they don't realize that what the program offers is indeed the truth- they keep looking for some magic way to success and we all know that isn't reality...it takes work, effort and good sponsorship to lead you.

This is a general theme amongst such course material. I am proud to offer something that is one of the most comprehensive internet and marketing offers on the net. It is straight, to the point, and works as long as you are willing to follow the step by step program and do the work!

Dale Douglas information is also given a thumbs up.

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