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Cruise To Cash

Cruise To Cash

Cruise To Cash brought to you by The Global Abundance Program an affiliate program that comes in a pretty much complete turn key package.

There are two levels to start at: $997 or $477.

Once a member, you will receive a duplicated Cruise to Cash web site complete with a fully functioning auto-responder system. The compensation plan is a basic 2-up model meaning you sell your first 2 sales and half of the profits roll up to your sponcer.

Cruise to Cash product is a travel membership based around cruises. This we see as a plus instead of the other programs selling downloadable ebooks ,etc.

Cruise to Cash is as good or possibly better than most opportunities available today if you have some marketing skills to know how to advertise and make profits. One Cruise To Cash landing page boasted of just needing to place ads where you are told to, and the money will pour in. It can be that easy, but for the newbie, be sure you get that clarified upfront.

As mentioned in many other reviews, good converting systems don't fail, people do. Cruise To Cash offers a pretty good system, so be sure you have a mentor that will share and guide you BEYOND the 2-up sales.

The issue with many of these programs is bottom line, if you don't have targeted traffic, the best of the best programs will not produce sales for you. Cruise To Cash ads include the luring "products sell themselves", and "98% automated marketing system". This again can be the case if you advertise to a targted audience.

Checkout the Cruise To Cash marketing system carefully before you jump in.

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