Consultative Selling

This review covers the concept of consultative selling. I always liked this method of being "sold" but wasn't aware it was an actual technique until I purchased the internet marketing course that got me started in this whole internet online selling thing.

No one likes to be "sold" to. The art in effective selling is in making a sale to someone that never knew they were being "sold".

An effective method to accomplish this is by consultative selling. Consultative selling is a simple technique where you "teach"your prospective buyer rather than sell to them. Attraction marketing is another related way to make easy sales.

Teaching, tends to break down the seller/buyer barrier, develops a rapport with the customer, and before you know it, you may have a sale without actually "selling" the item or service.

Internet sales can be especially difficult without using at least some of this technique. Consultative selling is something I might have done in my early marketing years without knowing the true benefits to closing the sale if you will. I have since been fortunate to have located a mentor and marketing materials that work and use these very same attraction marketing or consultative marketing and selling techniques.

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