Coastal Vacations

Seems lately everywhere I look I run into a Coastal Vacations ad. Coastal Vacations is about selling vacation packages for life. It is MLM based. One problem seems to be that once you sell a Coastal Vacation, which is a for life concept, you will then need to keep looking for new prospects. Considering that businesses depend a lot on repeat business, this might result in a problem for you, if you are not a seasoned sales person.

I offered my e-mail to one of many website sign ups and was deluged with followups. Personally I don't care for that kind of marketing. I either like the offer or not, I don't need a zillion followups.

The business and name "Coastal Vacations" does have a nice ring to it and gives a picture in my mind of basking in the sun counting my millions. The websites also have great pictures that conjure up similar visions.

It takes a lot more than visions to make any business a go. The money you can make on a sale, $1000 on a $1300 sale and $3000 on a $3500 sale definitely looks attractive. However if you are new to sales you might find making those sales to be more difficult than you'd think. A continual barrage of prospects through phoning, e-mail and selling others is what to expect. Your first sales are given to your sponsor as a qualifying two-up aspect.

I don't like having to sell anyone. That's why I like what I do. I generate enough traffic such that I make sales without having to "sell" anyone. Cool.

Coastal Vacations was not our top pick, but may work for you.

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