Clickalyzer Review

Clickalyzer is a product that is supposed to save you money on marketing methids that are not turning you a profit. How does Clickalyzer do this andis it a scam?

Clickalyzer is an online software product that is website based. Clickalyzer tracks the activity on your website(s) and affiliate sites, and gathers information on your website visitor.

Clickalyzer seems to be providing its customers with the tools they expected. There were some coments that Clickalyzer was not compatible with ClickBank. Soem users feel they'd not use Clickalyzer until this ClickBank issue is satisfactorially resolved.

Tracking your ads and conversion ratios are a good thing to do esopecially when you are starting and may be still adjusting things getting your profitability maximized.

Clickalyzer may be what you need.

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