Click Income Tycoon Review

So what’s Click Income Tycoon (CIT)? It’s a system that teaches an Internet entrepreneur how to market any product successfully. It is a mixture of a teaching system and also a sales funnel.

One of my members in GDI (my #1 program) joined Click Income Tycoon, and saw very good results.

But, he also learned how to get traffic and market online, so I will say as I tell anyone new, most programs will work, as long as you know how to get traffic to them.

Click Income Tycoon allows Authorized affiliates to advertise Click Income Tycoon to prospects and make a commission from Clickbank, the world’s largest marketplace for selling digital products online.

A key part of CIT when it comes to making money is a web portal named "ZibZoom". ZibZoom is a new search engine that CIT members give away to product buyers in a multi-level fashion.Search engines earn revenue when businesses place advertisement on their web pages and when users click the ads.

These revenues are accumulated as the free users and CIT affiliates visit keywords or ads. ZibZoom shares certain phrase clicks and ad click income with Click Income Tycoon affiliates. When ZibZoom clients search, shop, send email, visit ads, or play games–as examples of just a few of the paid activities–CIT franchisees collect commission payments down to 5 levels. This kind of income is termed multi-level click income which can be a very powerful way to grow large incomes.

The question is, how much can one realistically earn? Well, as with aything online, giving away these free accesses to ZibZoom sounds good but it never builds as fast as the programs ads boast, so be ready to build that for months depending on your traffic generating ability.

We are keeping a watch on CIT because we just heard (from my GDI member) that CIT added GDI to their sales that we agree with and is a hugely smart marketing move.

Email me and I will tell you why that merge is so cool.

Click Income Tycoon with Zib Zoom is working for some, but again it all depends on your ability to market and get traffic to your offer- click below to see how we solve that riddle.

Folks,Click Income Tycoon is quite new online so be careful if you put all your efforts into one income stream.

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE worked well for the average person to see results. Click here to go to the website.