Cleaning Businesses

There is a lot to review when looking into cleaning businesses. First there are numerous types of cleaning businesses such as: home cleaning, carpet cleaning,dry cleaning, window cleaning and commercial and industrial cleaning.

We have associates that have run "residential" oriented cleaning businesses, and the writer also once worked at a major airport and was responsible for the custodial staff which kept that establishment clean (side note: keeping an airport clean is a continual battle considering you are managing a staff that is cleaning up after some 10,000 people a day in the writer's case).

There are also various other side businesses that you can get into such as teaching and training others on how to start a cleaning business, cleaning supplies, selling cleaning equipment, and even cleaning consulting. There are also various franchises that offer cleaning business opportunities such as CoverAll Cleaning Concepts with some 7500 franchise owners around the world.

If you have managerial and custodial experience, there is surely a market for consulting. Companies are always looking for ways to get the job done quicker and cheaper. There also is a lot of room for improvement from our experience in manageing a commercial cleaning effort and staff. Floor cleaning and care in large public locations for example is a large cost which if you have a better way that saves cost, you can offer your services to save money for various locations.

For sake of brevity, we will offer an over view of key things you may want to research closer before you start this type of business.

First and most important, can you make money in cleaning businesses? No doubt yes. On the residential side you can start a cleaning business tomorrow just by advertising locally to clean homes- with all the dual income workers, there is a never ending list of customers. You can also charge enough to make nice extra cash. Downside? Are you up to the physical work? We have a friend that started a carpet cleaning business and soon had to close up due to a back problem. Do you want a business that soley depends on you being able to earn money based on your health?

There always is the chance that your cleaning business will take off and you'll need to hire employees. That way you manage the work and are less concerned about possible back or other health troubles.However you now have the concern of this with your employees.

On the commercial or industrial side of things, there is a definite potential for you to make a good living starting a cleaning business. We say this from seeing and negotiating various cleaning contracts (carpet, windows, floors, and other specialty items) at our airport stint. You could make a nice living just vacuuming areas in such places- you'd be amazed at what "commercial/industrial" cleaning businesses can charge. Just a window cleaning contract can earn you a full time income at a larger location such as an airport.

Keep in mind any cleaning business, like others, has the typical problems with employees (finding good workers), health aspects of working with various cleaning materials, physical problems such as your back!, coming in contact with human wastes (sorry but had to mention this; we had cleaning personel get stuck by thrown away needles in commercial restrooms), and the general turnover of employees as this work is not easy, often pays low when you have employees, and as a result many move on frequently.

Cleaning Businesses will always be around, and will always be needed as there will always be something to clean. We applaud the custodial workers that take care of many public and other buildings as that is hard work and they take a lot of "abuse" often from the public. We also feel that running our home business at our computer is much more lucrative and healthy than a cleaning business!

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