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Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell was a leading earner with EDC Gold and was only 23! He also was involved with Roadmap To Riches. He also created Team 16K / Team 20K (The big plan to bring 16 or 20 people to $16 or $20K per month).

A good buddy of mine I met online worked w/ Chris so this is my info source.

What Chris Campbell has accomplished online is ridiculous. When my buddy started one joint venture with him this past summer he was already clearing over $100k per month and with the proof to back it up.

One complaint with Chris and his partner Matthew Sunderland is their complete and total unavailability over the phone. Nothing can be more frustrating than just starting out with something new and not being able to reach someone when you need them. They have solved that problem to some extent with the addition of a personal assistant to take and return phone calls and e-mails. At this point in my own career, I actually can understand how hard it must be to get back to every one right away when there are so many in need.

Chris and Matt(his partner at this writing) do webinar trainings like every other night! I mean they really work hard at trying to help their team members, but the trainings never really lead people to the kind of exposure you need to have to succeed online. Now if you have a $500 budget a day to spend on Google pay per click advertising and the trained know how to place those ads and choose the right key words like Chris does then you can get the leads you need. For me I stopped attending the trainings some time ago as in my opinion only they are very geared toward brand new sign-ups and it can begin to be a little slow going for the rest of the team.

I know Chris and Matt have done trainings on Google ad-words but for the most part they are telling every one to push Craigslist, solo e-zines and banner ads, etc. Those things do work but ultimately not all that well.

Chris campell lately seems to be less in the lime light online, so he may be enjoying his success or creating the next super program. Be sure to watch for Chris Campbell, he may be able to help you, or you can give us a try as we work one on one with everyone and we have a super simple system anyone can do.

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