Chris Bloor

It is refreshing when you come across a business person that has keen insight into your business needs and maintains a keen focus on customer service and not just money. Chris Bloor is a successful and talented marketer who fits this description.

Chris Bloor has been into the internet marketing business since 1997. He is versed in many aspects of the business including direct response, sales letters, website promoting, business planning. He also is a motivational speaker, and offers one on one business planning to get your businesses specific needs addressed.

Chris Bloor is the author of many marketing manuals and is founder and president of Quality Business Institute (QBI). His company stresses business ethics and their moto is quality , integrity and service, YES!

Chris Bloor is someone to look at and offers a high caliber of service, which again is refreshing as that to me is what truly makes a difference in any business whether on or off line.

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