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Choose To Be Rich

Choose To Be Rich

Robert Kiyosaki offers a new course here called Choose To Be Rich. Mr. Kiyosaki is the author of the acclaimed "Rich Dad Poor Dad". This new marketing course, Choose To Be Rich, includes 12 CD's or audio cassettes, along with a binder and other work book materials. In addition you get the video "60 Minutes To Getting Rich." A bonus audio cassette also is included titled "Getting Ready to Be Rich."

Much of the information in Choose To Be Rich was very similar to the Rich Dad Poor Dad course. Many felt it included material that was not specific enough, and was appropriate for when you are already wealthy. There were others that felt Choose To Be Rich offered some good new information. Most felt that attending seminars were the best way to grasp the Choose To Be Rich Concepts. Question to ask being or getting rich something that we can control, is it destiny, or is it guaranteed to all that work hard to achieve that success?

Choose To Be Rich has some good information. The answer to that question is likely in Choose To Be Rich. You can also benefit from knowledge that others have selfishly compiled to offer you the opportunity to follow a proven system, and you too could Choose To Be Rich by reading the following:

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