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Child Day Care

Child Day Care business opportunities exist and can be profitable. There are Child Day Care Franchises, and Child Day Care Services, where you can find an income source that can work for you.

Many people even have child day care offered in their homes.

There definitely is a market for these services considering the number of dual income families in the USA and abroad. You do need to consider the liability aspects and you need to have appropriate insurance to cover the fact you have many children under your direct supervision.

My wife at one time considered this as a home business as she had a teaching degree and was finding it difficult to find a job. We decided against it due to the usual "issues" of running your own business and opted for an "easier" work at home opportunity- running a website where we make money while we sleep!

Many programs exist where you can be trained to be a child day care business owner. The one we reviewed claims an annual income of $35,000. They suggest working for other day care businesses or starting your own right out of your home.

Child day care is no different than any other business start up and if you don't have a large home you'll need to locate some real estate. A suggestion might be to try some babysitting before you take on more than a few children. You really need to love children to make this a successful ebdeavor. Children have a keen sense of feeling loved. Your business will follow the kids!

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