Chain Letters

Ok, I actually tried this. I was desperately looking for a simple way to make cash. These chain letters always intrigued me and I thought I might as well give it a try. If it worked and I did not try it, I'd be forever wondering if I missed the golden opportunity!

There are mnay versions of these chain letters even some PayPal chain letters (emails).

Mathematically the idea should work: you send out say 100 chain letters. 5% of those people send out 100 letters each. Now you have 100 + 500 = 600 letters sent out, each with YOUR name on it. This continues until your name is on possibly 50000 chain letters or more depending on the program you do. Your name is part of a list of 3 or 5 or 7 or ? people that will get cash mailed to them as these letters get sent out. You are receiving cash from your "customer" that you sent the letter to. They send you money asking to be placed on your mailing list; this is one version of the chain letter. This makes it legal as the letter will describe you are getting paid for a service and this meets Postal Codes, etc.

I sent 250 letters out once and received $0 in return. The program does not work for several simple reason: you are counting on everyone you send the letters to, to actually do the program exactly as the instructions say. If any of the first 250 I sent out do nothing, the program stops dead there.

If people don't follow the program and cheat by placing their name ahead on the list thinking they'll get money faster, it defeats the whole chance of your name growing to the large numbers of 50000 or more.

And lastly, the names of people you mail to that are often from a list broker, may or may not be the best names of people that would actually try this program. You are totally at the mercy of the list brokers names, which unless you researched this well, are likely duds. The list broker did make a profit by selling you the names! Hint: if you get these chain letters in the mail, you might want to take the names off the letters and consider them for your business or program you are selling and mail them your ad!

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