Carleton Sheets

Real estate can be a very rewarding business to be involved in. The Carleton Sheets program is sold through the Sheets' marketing company called, American Marketing Systems. I have often seen his name misspelled as Carlton Sheets so please take note. It is our understanding that the real information you would need to really learn this business is through the Carleton Sheets mentoring course which is quite costly.

I have been personally involved in real estate since I was about 4 helping my Dad clean out apartments where tenants left, remodeling, buying fixer uppers, and being a landlord. I think to be able to choose the right property that will appreciate requires a fair amount of learning and effort. This along with the many hours of research either via newspaper, or internet, then a physical tour of possible buys, can be very time consuming.

Carleton Sheets is a big name in the real estate business and he does generally offer good information. A lot more needs to go into this type of business than just a course and some mentoring could very likely be needed.

Talk to some real estate agents you know regarding the time element. My wife was one. You tend to have to live the business. Anyway, real estate is still a very good business and investment. I just think there are better ways to make money at home . . .

Carleton Sheets offers some very good info on real estate and no down payment systems.

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