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Business Opportunity Reporter

Business Opportunity Reporter is a periodic publication that advertises a certain business opportunity in an exclusive way.

This is just one of many examples of ways to advertise your business. The Winter '07 issue we just received offers a complete description on "Magic Kid Closeout Distributor" program, as an example.

We offer this information on Business Oportunity Reporter to point out the importance of marketing and the many ways that may work for you. An internet business for example does not just need to advertise "on the internet". Consider the power of a mailed periodic magazine called "Business Opportunity Reporter" that has an exclusive ad for ONE opportunity. It just might catch your attention.

If you have a website and are not seeing the traffic and resulting sales, or are looking for a simple way to get started making money on the internet, we would be very happy to show you what we do and how we do it. There is no limit to your success once you have the knowledge. You just need to find the right knowledge source and tap into it.

Business Opportunity Reporter offers an nice example of direct mailed advertising for any business.

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