Bulk Email

Bulk Email used to be an effective way to market a product.This was the case up to just a few years ago.

Bulk Email is no longer as effective as other methods of marketing for a couple key reasons. One is the anti-spam laws and anti-bulk e-mail negative talk in general. It tends to give this form of marketing a bad taste to the consumer.

Second, I think it just doesn't work like it used to with buyers as there is so much stuff being sent to us to read nowadays. I for one get dozens of Emails daily that I am not even sure why. I delete them.

Bulk Email has various forms including opt-in mailing, safe list, and other techniques where your Email address is obtained and you may later receive an advertisement.

Make sure that if you do any Email or Bulk Email, you send only to those that have requested information from you (i.e. Via opt-in Email lists).

A good use of Email is to utilize a newsletter or possibly your own Ezine on your site. Then those that sign up can receive a free report or other helpful tool that they may find useful in their search for internet traffic or other answers.

Keeping up with the changes in the internet is the internet marketers challenge to keep a steady flow of shoppers to your site. There are however some techniques that don't change and are still amazingly effective. If you continue on reading below you will find these answers and more which bring me a steady flow of business to my site(s). Bulk email may be a way for you or list builders but you really should find more long term traffic.

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