Bruce Berman

One quick visit to the Bruce Berman website and I formed my opinion of his business offering pretty quickly. You can sign up for his "free" CD at his site however once you click submit you then need to supply your payment information. That has always been a turn off for me when looking for information on any business or opportunity. If it is free, it should be free.This is based on when I last checked.

Bruce Berman offers "work at home" programs. He started in the offline world as far as advertising goes and now is offering his programs online.

Online advertising is quite different than offline (TV, newspaper, magazine) advertising so if you are thinking about an online business, my recommendation is: find someone that you knwo is successful, has an online system that is proven to generate profit, then do what they are doing. That is what I finally figured after way too many tears, was the secret to success. Good luck!

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