Brock Felt

Brock Felt teaches how to look for the right or correct opportunity and then grasping the right option to achieve unlimited success. He started out as a gas station worker and ending up a millionaire.

In his book, "How I Learned to Make $100,000 per Month: The #2 Thing I Learned You Must have in a Successful Home Business" Brock Felt describes his memories working in the gas station and wondering how he could someday own the expensive cars he saw coming and going. His book teaches how patience, perseverence, hard work, and talents put together correctly can raise your chances for success.

Some of his good advise to ensure success includes: work on hard selling, promote only one program/product at a time, start a reciprocal linking campaign, use cheap advertising methods that work, and exchange links with other websites so you will be at the top of search engines pages.

I like Brock Felt as he is an great example of someone starting from the bottom and making it. Nothing special other than a strong work ethic and always moving forward with things that work. A great motivator for all of us.

A recent program Brock Felt is promoting along with Buck Rizui is something called Pipeline Profits which deals with the concept of "coregistration". Their free video info has us interested to learn more to then present it to you. They claim thousands of opt-ins daily and they also suggest a non-niche approach. This may be hard to see results for a newbie but maybe Brock Felt has some tricks for us.

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