Brixdale markets a product called The Invese Mortgage. This is advertised as a way to pay off a mortgage in six months. It also offers a way to buy a home if you rent. Side track comment: paying rent is like throwing your money away. You can pay the same amount and be building equity in your home. If your home appreciates in value, you are even further ahead. When I sold my first home at the age of 24, I pocketed a check for $14000. That was after closing expenses. Yes, real estate investing can work. Ok, back to the Brixdale review:

Brixdale offers you the opportunity to market their products abd recruiting others to be part of your sales team, creating your own home based marketing business.

The inverse mortgage by Brixdale is a bi-weekly mortgage payment plan or program. Brixdale charges a fee where they will automatically draft your mortgage payments and will then contact your mortgage company, or your landlord if you are renting, and start making your payments every two weeks to speed up your payment schedule.

Some of the information on is not very complimentary on Brixdale, the basic issue being they supposedly don't live up to their claims.There also are some nice comments. We don't suggest anyone trust "scam review" to call the company yourself and make your own decisions.

One thing we can say is if you do wish to pay of a mortgage fast, you can, on your own, request a payment list for your mortgage. This will show you your exact monthly principal and interest amount due. If you pay the extra principal ahead say for the next months payment, you have effectively eliminated that payment. Do that each month and you'd be amazed how fast your 30 year mortage can be paid off! Bridale may be what you are searching for.

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