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Brig Hart

Brig Hart brings us the MonaVie opportunity and the R3 Global Total Support System to achieving better health and wealth.Health and wealth are great businesses to be in but does this one assure you your sucess?

The MonaVie product claims to be the number 1 super food.Mona Vie is a wine like product and comes in a wine like bottle. The marketing includes selling this to your friends and family.

The MonaVie business opportunity is offered using the ITS factor: Invite,Taste, and Share.While this approach may not work for those of us that are not the salesy types, this truly is one of the best forms of marketing and with the right products, you can have a major winning business.

You can get started with Brig Hart's Mona Vie opportunity for $39.00 which then gives you the ability to buy a case of the Mona Vie product. The auto ship program will then send you these automatically each month. The cost per bottle is $32.00 wholesale and selling price is $45.00 retail.

There are many similar products out there like Mona Vie as well as the business opportunity.

We prefer an online sales system that does the work for bugging friends, family or the rest of your warm market.

Brig Hart's MonaVie product and opportunity may work for you especially of you are into this type of marketing and product.

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