Brett McFall

Brett McFall lives in Australia. he runs various get-rich-quick schemes on the internet. If there is one thing I learned in my years of searching for the secret answer to making lots of money, it is there are no get rich quick schemes.

We all just wish there was and we "secretly" keep hoping some day there might be. In the meantime, you are best to pursue legitimiate opportunities that don't boast extraordinary claims.

Advertising is Brett McFall's main area of focus. He addresses both on and off line marketing.

Many may not agree with his idea of best advertising. He prefers an in yout face approach which I just don't agree with. I believe advertising where you don;t realize you've been "sold" to is the better method, and is the more accepted approach on the internet.

Brett Mcfall has a website where he offers his professional services as a main product. Many of his tips are what most advertising professionals know about so I am not too sure he has anything that is earth shattering that you would truly benefit from.

You can always ask for references if you opt to work w/ Brett McFall.

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