Bob Scheinfeld

Bob Scheinfeld is the grandson of Aaron Scheinfeld who is the founder of Manpower Inc.Manpower does sales of over $11 Billion providing staff solutions for many firms.

Need less to say, Bob Scheinfeld started at an early age in the business world with his grandfather as a mentor.

He has authored two books: The Invisible Path to Success, and The 11th Element, which are based on his own hands on experience in sales and marketing.

He has students in 170 countries. His track record is what gets people to his seminars.Bob Scheinfeld has been able to boost Blue Ocean software up to a new high in under 4 years, during which time revenues went up nearly 44 times.This resulted in an acquisition by Intuit which netted the owners a sizable gain.

You can get Bob Scheinfeld information including his books, audios, speeches, seminars and other learning resources at his website.

This is a pretty simple one to comment on given Bob's proven track record. His family background no doubt offered him the spring board into the business world, however the individual still must have something unique to offer and Bob Scheinfeld has that covered quite well.

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