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Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a supposed high school drop out, and rose to the position of VP of Sales at Nightingale-Conant.Bob Proctor also worked for IBM, Prudential, RE/MAX,Keller Real Esate, Metropolitan Life, Hayes Wheels, and others.

Most of his positions were within a Sales group where he was highly successful in leading these firms to very profitable positions.

Much of his work is in my opinion in a motivational speaker arena as evident in his informercials.

I believe when starting out in any business you need a very specific road map to follow as opposed to a "motivational, you can do it" roadmap. Don't get me wrong, having a way to motivate yourself is also important when your business may seem to not be taking off as you expected.

In that case having knowledge and again a proven roadmap to follow would be what I would suggest. Bob Proctor information to me doesn't offer that kind of detail.

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