Bob Brinker

Bob Brinker is a stock market guru, who was on the top of his game for some 9 years making many noteworthy predictions on market activity and trends. Bob Brinker used to be on the radio and often is recalled and well known for a time he suggested to his millions of listeners that a market correction coming was going to be as much as 40%. His "bold" predictions were just one of his notworthy traits.

One thing that Bob Brinker suggested at one time was a dollar cost averaging method when buying into a high priced market. The strategy was if one buys into a market using this technique , then if the market should turn upside down during the same month, then the investor should reverse their buy, meaning pull out this most recent purchase.

Bob Brinker had unique ways to make his predictions. One example was the trend by the exchanges to add hours to the trading day. He offered that the last time the market crashed and the extended hours were being added, was in 1929. Well, for those that don't know why 1929 is important or significant, that is one of the largest stock marlet crashes in history. I heard all about this when growing up. Many people lost everything.

Bob Brinker sounds like he was a intelligent and perceptive individual, employing skills beyond just "mathematical" systems to track market progress.

These are the guys, like Bob Brinker, that you want to learn from.

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