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Biodiesel Franchise

Is a Biodiesel Franchise the answer to your search for a solid business opportunity that will earn you a full time income? Let us offer some information on Biodiesel franchises so you can make some decisions.

We still feel that a home based online business is the best way to go so if you are searching for the "how to , step by step information on getting an online business started please click the link that follows this review.

With the price of oil what it is the search for alternatives to petroleum and diesel is becoming big business. The current economics for bio-diesel is creating a modern day "gold rush" with people and companies looking for ways to cut costs.

Our experience with bio-diesel and a franchise opportunity is with a company called Xenerga. We spoke to them to learn about their franchise offer and found them to provide a very complete package. They claim to provide the world's only complete biodiesel opportunity that includes "feedstock" (the material your manufacturing site will accept as raw material to convert into final product), a proprietary 5 million gallon per year plant and customers to purchase the fuel.

Xenerga has this all scoped out so there isn't much to do other than locate your funds to buy into the opportunity, set up the site with their assistance, and learn to run it. It seems there currently is an endless supply of "feedstock", which can include waste cooking oil. Places like Mc Donalds, Tony Roma's, Perkins have contracts to supply this waste oil stream. Biodiesel is deemed better than standard diesel fuel and diesel engines are said to run better and longer on bio-diesel fuels.

While this bio diesel franchise is only one example of what may be available, this one claims to require no specific technical background although they do suggest you have extensive and proven business experience. Given our engineering background, when we spoke to their "recruiter" he seemed quite interested in us and we were invited to a opportunity overview in Florida, their corporate location. When we stated we were not immediately interested, they did not continue to call; always a good sign.

The current interest in biodiesel is due to obvious economic changes in the oil cost area. We understand that these turnkey systems are often developed in Europe as they have been hit with the high cost of fuels and they are a "step ahead" in offering solutions to such problems. It is always interesting how new technology doesn't catch on until a crisis hits, in this case extreme high costs of such fuels.

We feel that unless you have some serious prior business or technical background, this type of bio diesel franchise (Xenerga is only one example) may not be for you.

An online business as comparison, offers an opportunity to most anyone that can learn step by step techniques, then duplicate them. If you can turn on your computer and click your mouse you can start an online business and for much less than the typical $50,000 to $2,000,000 (bio diesel) franchise price tags!

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