Bill Meyers

Bill Meyers has some interesting marketing ideas. One internet marketer I spoke to said Bill Meyers advocates going to your local (used) book store and look for product ideas. That is great idea, especially if you don't have any ideas of your own for product ideas. Just go to your nearby book store and look for titles that wil catch your eye.

Why Bill Meyers suggests you look for old books is they are probably forgotten about and you can still track down the author. Once you find him or her, you can get rights to re-publish their book. You can do this online and set up a 5-10% royalty structure where you pay the author this fee. You keep the rest!

That's not too bad for just locating a catchy titled book that once did sell well. The risk would seem minimal.

Bill Meyers also continues to explain that the authors yo track down will more than likely be flattered over the renewed interest in their books. This would tend to make your deal making even that much easier.

The simple idea presented here that Bill Meyers suggests just how crafty one can be in finding ways to market and be profitable on the internet. I believe Bill Meyers has some good ideas and is a good internet marketer. This should show you just how "easy" it can be to find a way to make money on the web. You should not be at a loss for ideas with this kind of expert marketing know how available.

Take a look at the information that follows. It even comes with a product if you don't already have one.In addition to Bill Meyers and his used book store "technology", you may need a step by step marketing method to promote Bill Meyers or any other product in the net.

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