Bill Tannar Reviewed

Bill Tannar

I met Bill Tannar via email in early 2008. I am not sure if he emailed me or I emailed him, but we struck up a friendship and have been in contact ever since.

Bill Tannar has been very successful in several online business programs and is a great example of how you can be a full time online work at home Dad (or Mom).

Bill works very hard to offer the very best in service to his customers, and is always looking for new inovative ways to market online.

Bill Tannar operates several business review websites, one of the more prominant being his site.

Bill has authored several courses on online marketing and made those into clickbank products. He often gives those away as free gifts to new prospects.

Currently Bill Tannar is promoting my top recommended program, Global Domains International, Inc.which is an MLM based business. He offers a custom branded professional website, along with a team training free site that is like no other out there.Bill works very hard to assist his customers and is a great guy as well.

If you are not aware of what branding is, I recommend you google it and learn as that is one key element in being successful online.

Remember this...people buy from people..they don't necessarily buy the "product"...they are investing in YOU. Understand that and you will see your online business take off right before your eyes.

I wish Bill Tannar continued success, and the very best to his family. I am glad there are people like Bill Tannar online instead of all the scam programs, running honest and ethical home based businesses.

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