Better Business Bureau

Finding a review on the Better Business Bureau in our NOT RECOMMENDED section is probably a surprise to you. Well it was a surprise to us when we did some research, talked to some other internet business owners, and found out the shocking truth about the Better Business Bureau.Isn't the BBB or Better Business Bureau like something sacred in US consumer protection? If they aren't then what or who is?

Here's our problem with the Better Business Bureau as learned from others that have been approached by them. The Better Business Bureau has a staff of telemarketers that send out the BBB bulk mail to business owners trying to get them to send the BBB a $350 fee. The Better Business Bureau rep. often states that if you don't pay the fee, they (the BBB) might not say nice things about your business if you ever get a complaint. Hmmm, sounds a little like the BBB has an interest in making money?

Actually that is totally correct. You see, at least when I was younger, I thought the Better Business Bureau was some non profit, government sponsored organization that was in place to protect the consumer against unscrupulous businesses so you don't get scammed or taken for your money. The shocking truth is...they too are in business to be profitable, just like is. Now, doesn't that seem to have a conflict in it somewhere? I will protect the consumer as long as the business owner pays. Visions of the old gangster methods pop in our heads. Well, we don't think it is that bad, but it does make you wonder how they stay honest.

Many other internet business owners feel similar on this topic, and they/we feel that our own business ethics and morals should tell the story to our customers even better than anything the BBB or some other entity can publish on us. We try to treat each customer as if they are our only customer, we handle complaints promptly and personally take all phone calls and answer every e-mail.

Well, we hope we did not ruin your day stating such things about an organization that at least we always felt was the one true, honest US watchdog to make sure businesses stay in check. We are sure the BBB does perform a duty, but the many internet 'scam forums" and websites also do a similar job. It's pretty easy to keep a clean slate in your business, just treat customers like you would want to be dealt with. The customer is always right is a pretty simple rule that works in any business or "confrontation". The Better Business Bureau really isn't necessary, nor do we wish to pay to have a good name.

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