Belief Net has a website at Their site says they are the largest spiritual website. You may be wondering why We would mention this site within this business review website. Let us offer a few comments about just that.

We first became aware of Beliefnet when we subscribed to their newsletter. Their newsletter offers a lot of daily personal growth and motivational type information for you. When starting an internet or any business, or when you are having a tough time in your life, often it's the little things that make a difference, like possibly a newsletter e-mail. Maybe your business is floundering , and along comes this e-mail that gives you that nudge to stay focused and move on.

We also received an e-mail that showed Beliefnet's marketing savy, where you can enter a contest to possibly win as of this writing, $5,000 on "Tax Day", April 17 this year! Point being in you rbusiness or internet business it is always nice to offer something for free or a chance to win something. Their quote that came along with this e-mail stated " Succes is a direct result of confidence and perseverence. Now that in itself could be what you needed to stay the course as someone once quoted.

The sweepstakes offer was backed by Publishers Clearing House, so again a great marketing partnership. That is how your internet business could also work.

Getting back to the great site at Beliefnet and what they offer, heres just a snippet of what their site offers: The Beliefnet mission according to their About Beliefnet section says it is "to help people like you and I, to find, walk, a spiritual paththat can bring comfort, clarity ,strength and happiness to you".They claim to "not be affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement as they are independent and their only agenda is to help you meet your spiritual needs".

Beliefnet won the Online Journalism Award for General Excellence Online, which is the highest honer given by the Online News Association.

Another online business aspect they make use of is their advertising. Beliefnet per their web info "receives a significant amount of its revenue from advertising. They comment that as with other media companies, they balance the need for happy advertisers with their commitment to editorial integrity". We feel they do a fantastic job and we hope all internet business follows this type of lead as there is just too much "junk" in terms of honest and real business opportinities or internet marketers offering their products.

To conclude, we encourage you to find some "spiritual" support system if you endeavor on aninternet business or any business. Take a look at for a website that has many of the same marketing concepts that we teach in use and well done in a very professional and help full way.

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